Daisy Flower

Daisy Flower

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Daisy Blossom Features


 Flowers in April-September, up to 25 cm tall, is an annual herbaceous plant. The leaves are thin piece, sapsızdır. The middle part of the flower is yellow. There are many languages ​​in the form of 12-20 edges of white flowers. The content of the flowers bitter substances, tannin and are glycosides. The fruit essential oil is a yellowish-brown color. Collected in the summer and dried.


When you sow the Seed of Daisy?


Temperature-loving daisy flowers. For this reason, very suitable for spring and summer.


Daisy Seed Sowing in pots How Do I?


Pot is very important for selection of the seed sown. Daisy boylanabilir up to 25 cm. For this reason, should be preferred in a large pot. Which will be a mixture of peat and soil seed planting pot to pot completely doldurmamalı space should be about 2-3 cm. Made with a mixture of soil and peat saksımız opened holes for the seeds. This procedure takes a pen, can be done with tools such as nails. Should be 2 to 3 times as deep as the seed pop-up space. Seeds are placed in the space above the drop-down and turned off. To facilitate the germination of the seed with soil and seeds to strengthen the theme of light to the earth after being pressed by hand. And given the seed to germinate, water can be released.




How To Place Field Daisy Seed?


Daisy the front row who are tired of arable land has no desire to, but after the cultivation of cereal crops and the anchor is appropriate. The first product, a process is not very deep plow after harvest should be done. Weed is not the problem, well-structured soils and cultivation of perennial daisy pulluklu do not need to upgrade. Seed bed should be deep. A well-prepared seed bed should be prepared in a slim. Before planting acreage is treated with a roller again.


Fertilization: Daisy nitrogen-loving plants, although it is long not much nitrogen causes excessive. Nitrogen flower flower yield and oil content increased, but the unwanted vegetative parts grow more than 2 times. Although the combination of fertilization affected as a result of volatile oil content will be affected.


Watering: After planting the seed in the soil do not have enough moisture to germinate, and the output will be useful not heavy irrigation. After the development of the plant, soil and rainfall should be based on whether or not to irrigation.

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