Fasulye tohumu (Oturak-Boncuk Ayşe) - 1 kg

Fasulye tohumu (Oturak-Boncuk Ayşe) - 1 kg

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Bean Seeds

TGiving residents 40 days spineless crop, flat, light green in color, taste is created by a City-type bean varieties. Draped all kinds can easily be grown in soil, suitable for open field cultivation is a type of bean. Seed production is Arzuman. (Take precautions to keep the soil moist.)
October Depth:
3-5 cm.
During October Over Distance:
70-10 cm.
During October Distance Between:
40-60 cm.
Germination Day forecast:
6-10 Days

On average 40-45 days ripening. Period of the harvest season is long.
Spring sowing, in autumn and summer months are recommended.

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